MDI VIew 2.0

MDI VIew is a program that can read and display MDI Files
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MDI VIew is a program that can read and display MDI Files. The MDI files are generated by Microsoft Office Document Imaging, a tool that comes together with the Office bundle. That application allows you to scan documents and save the result as graphics, that can be saved as a .TIF file or as an .MDI file. MDI View is capable of reading documents saved in MDI format, display them on the screen and print them out. This utility can´t read .TIF files, but you can use other programs to open them, and then save them to the .MDI format by using the Microsoft Office Document Image Writer, a virtual printer that becomes installed when you install Microsoft Office.

Apart from that, the program can recognize text in the graphics and save text files for each page in the document. Or save an independent image file for every page. MDI View can also save the document in .BMP format, in order to get them ready to use with other programs. You will be able to view single-page or multiple-page documents, adjusting their size on the screen from 50% to 200%. You can also choose to fit the height or the width to the window.

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  • It´s free
  • It´s easy to use


  • It doesn´t read or open .TIF files
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